Grayce Stratton, Psy.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Grayce Stratton is an assessment and neurofeedback specialist licensed by the Board of Psychology of the Department of Consumer Affairs of the State of California (PSY 21668). She is an alumna of Wellesley College and a psychology, linguistics and philosophy graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles. While at UCLA her senior honors work involved shaping the social behaviors of institutionalized autistic children under the preceptorship of Professor Ivar Lovaas, the renowned pioneer of the specialized operant conditioning technique now known as applied behavioral analysis (ABA) that is widely and effectively used with autistic spectrum children to improve social behaviors.

Dr. Stratton’s graduate training in social-clinical psychology began at the Wright Institute Los Angeles with psychodynamic principles and techniques. She subsequently earned her Masters degree in clinical psychology from the California Graduate Institute and completed a two-year predoctoral fellowship in psychoeducational diagnostics at the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center. With credit from her masters program applied to a doctoral degree at a British institution (the University of Devonshire) she wrote Music, Movement, Self-Esteem and a Second Grade Reading Curriculum and received a Ph.D. in psychology. Her Psy.D. degree was earned from the American Behavioral Studies Institute in Beverly Hills with a dissertation entitled A Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Protocol for the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Dr. Stratton’s contributions in the health and welfare fields have included social work in the Watts District of Los Angeles County, community clinic development, management and policy-setting, and the execution of training courses in surgery and physical medicine for a Fortune 50 proprietary hospital corporation (National Medical Enterprises, where she was Director of Physician Training in charge of bringing minimally invasive surgeries to the front-line of the field). She studied health services management at the UCLA School of Public Health, became an administrator and later the Board president of the Center for Healthy Aging in Santa Monica, and co-designed and authored a proposal for a state-funded program called “Peer Counseling for Elderly Persons (PEP)” once featured on Sixty Minutes and replicated in several states and countries, and which has been successfully addressing depression in older adults for 40 years.

Dr. Stratton’s initial work in the field of psychology focused on psychotherapy and career counseling for adults, then expanded to include neuropsychological assessment utilizing the UCLA neuropsychology protocols and then treatment provision to families of seriously emotionally disturbed, substance abusing adolescents in residential care. This experience led her to seek alternatives to the physical containment and heavy medication used for the patient residents. When she became aware of EEG biofeedback introduced to professionals open to novel ways of working with challenging health conditions, she enrolled in training through EEG Spectrum International and, later, the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills with Drs. Sue and Siegfried Othmer. The Othmers pioneering neurofeedback work is described in A Symphony in the Brain by New York Times science writer, Jim Robbins and is a large component of the service that Dr. Stratton now offers.

As a former management and executive search consultant, Dr. Stratton has provided on site service in several corporate settings, including Texas Instruments, Gateway Computers, Searle Pharmaceuticals, Cisco, Applied Materials, Xerox, Sony, IBM, Flip Dog, American Airlines, and McKinsey & Co.