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To support comprehensive treatment of the health needs of children and adolescents
with attention, developmental, behavioral and learning problems,

To assist adults challenged with stress, memory, movement, pain and cognitive
and emotional difficulties.

To guide all patients to optimal cognitive, emotional, and physical health


We recognize that a reciprocal flow of trust and respect is necessary for quality patient care.  Consequently, we believe that a patient who feels heard and understood and who is a strong collaborator in the evaluation and treatment process will gain the greatest benefit from our professional services. Therefore patients are invited and encouraged to participate in the health inquiry process.  

Just as Center staff are responsible for eliciting pertinent background and current symptom and behavior information in order to properly deliver guidance and care, those coming to us are justified in seeking answers to all of their questions at each step along the way toward a better quality of life.

In all our work, we never lose sight of the reality that in the end it is the patient who must live with the outcomes of having entrusted us with the privilege to assist in his or her life challenges.  We honor the trust our patients have in our professionalism.