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Diagnostic evaluations include the following:


Measures cognitive skills & brain functioning with respect to
general intelligence, attention, memory, learning, and visual perceptual skills


Measures specific academic skills in spelling, math, writing 
and reading decoding & comprehension


Assesses development during childhood and adolescence either to gauge
advanced capacity or degree of any developmental delay


Identifies personality traits and their comparative strengths;
assesses functioning in emotional, social, and behavioral domains


Evaluates degree of any problems with attention and impulsivity/hyperactivity while
ruling out or identifying co-existing disorders that may mask, overlap or aggravate ADHD symptoms


Measures and compares various types of memory to age and
gender norms; helpful in investigation of organic brain problems and results of trauma


Assesses interests, values, temperament, skills, work preferences,
& aptitudes as related to means of work for recompense and/or self actualization